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The Bee Free Story

Bee Free Mobility Scooters evolved from our commitment to fill a gap in the market place for people wanting genuine guidance on how to select the right scooter/power chair for their particular needs and wants.

Whilst scooters and power chairs are designed to be economical to operate, a poorly matched scooter can cost more to use than anticipated and can prove to be a total inconvenience, especially when users are relying on their equipment to live their daily lives with freedom and reliability.

Therefore, our aim is to treat all our customers and stakeholders with an holistic approach, ultimately providing superior guidance and delivering a service that ensures they get maximum value, enjoyment and satisfaction from their investment.

With technology advancing rapidly in today’s world, our key focus is on sourcing the best products and bringing them to you as they become available. Our background enables us to assess changes in scooter design, and to pass relevant information onto our customers so that they are fully informed of the product’s capacities in relation to its performance and to ensure expectations are understood prior to purchase.

Why We’re Different

Bee Free wants to help you make a difference in your life. We offer a select choice of brands and products that have been carefully sourced to provide you with the best equipment for your specific needs and circumstances. Our ethos is concerned with supporting our customer rather than in the promotion of brands and products.

Our extensive knowledge and experience within the assistive technology industry enables us to deliver exceptional service and expertise with confidence and empathy.

We are invested in making the selection process a comfortable experience for you rather than on finding a scooter or power chair for you at any cost.

Our business approach enables us to come to you, whether that be directly to your home, or to your medical support service providers’ practice to ensure that your investment is tailored to support your personal set circumstances and needs.

Our key brands are those that we know and believe produce a diverse range of high quality, reliable equipment offering ongoing supply of spare parts and technical support.

Bee Free Founder

Founder of Bee Free Mobility Scooters, advocates for the disability sector

Roland Bee

Roland has been engaged at a senior level within the Assistive Technology Sector for over eight years. To this end, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience across all facets of the industry. He is known for his depth of product knowledge, including what makes each piece of equipment work and ‘what best’ to recommend to each individual. Roland recognizes that every person is unique and his or her circumstances are specific to their individual needs. It is therefore essential to have the knowledge and experience to be able to ‘’honestly” assist and guide prospective users of mobility scooters, power chairs and wheel chairs during their decision-making process.

Roland can be quoted, “It is just so important to get the right piece of equipment for the right person and to match the expectations of the user”.

Roland is driven by triple bottom line objectives, rather than a single desire for profit. These values have seen him achieve significant success in his past, both when he owned and operated a large private business and during the many years where he worked within the corporate sector at a senior level. Roland is empathetic and derives great enjoyment from assisting people to achieve freedom and independence. His goal is to advocate on behalf of the disabled and those reliant on mobility aids, across all demographics.

These values have been the catalyst for Roland to put his knowledge and energies to work, and establish Bee Free Mobility Scooters. Enjoying personally assisting those who are in need of mobility equipment, by ensuring the best information is made available to our clients is the motivation behind his establishing Bee Free Mobility Scooters.

Customer Testimonials / Reviews

  • Jean Paulin, 26th March 2022

Thanks for an entertaining experience when I bought my 3 wheeler yesterday.  You lifted my mood for the rest of the evening. Dad – you may not realise it, but you are one funny man – especially when you are exasperated! Kids, live and learn from him. It’s ok to show your emotions in public with the right customer. I will spread the word to the other oldies I know. I’m being presumptive here but suggest you make home care package providers in this area aware that you have a great selection to choose from if you havn’t already done that. There are quite a few in this area which means there are a lot of us using them from oldies to all disabled at every age. Have you put up flyers in places like the Autumn Centre? A good source as well for your business. I didn’t know you were there until I came out of SKG across the road from you.


  • John Watson, 5th April 2022

Good afternoon, S4 box all fitted and it’s awesome, thanks so much Elliot did a great job.  Balance due should be in your bank account now. Keep safe.