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Mobility Assessment

Let Us Figure Out the Best Way to Help You Find Freedom

The process can commence with our first contact with you or with your professional service provider.

During our initial conversation we will ask you for some basic information about yourself; such as what you are hoping to achieve, ask you for your description of the terrain you wish to navigate, together with your mobility lifestyle needs.

Of course the more personal information you are ready to share with us, the more quickly and effectively we will be able to assess your needs and to accurately select a range of equipment for you to trial with no obligation.

Generally all trials and testing of equipment will be made on an instructional basis and under our careful supervision. Our aim is to build your competency, confidence and to ensure that you feel safe at all times. Ultimately we want you to choose a mobility aid that you feel comfortable operating, confident that it will do the job and that it simply feels right for you, delivering a sense of self empowerment, independence mobility and freedom.

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